What Happens Next? ‎/ The Second Year [62562]

What Happens Next? ‎/ The Second Year [62562]

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サンフランシスコのTHRASH"WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?"。FIRST YEAR」に続きリリースされた編集盤、第2弾。
 サンフランシスコのWhat Happens Next?"は、バンダナを象徴として支持者を集めムーブメントを築いた。ライブ映像も付いたお得盤!!


リリース: 2001
レーベル: 625 Thrashcore

01. Banner Sized Politics
02. For What?
03. Resolve
04. Exploitation, Assimilation, Violence
05. SSIL
06. Silenzio Statico
07. A Pandowdie For Jason
08. Gladiator Pose
09. The Tribe I Claim
10. Ahora Mas Que Nunca
11. Conditioned Consumption
12. Who Are You Playing For?
13. One And All
14. Action Man
15. I Thought You Were My Friend
16. War Elephant
17. When It Stops Getting Worse It's Bound To Get Better
18. You're Not Dead Until You're Forgotten
19. Laugh Till You Die

Lifes Halt [Live]

Tracks 1-6 from Brutiful Fearing 6".
Track 7 from Memories Of Tomorrow compilation 12".
Tracks 8-14 from Ahora Mas Que Nunca 7".
Track 15 is an outtake from Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter LP. The lyrics are slightly different than the version on the LP.
Tracks 16-19 from Stand Fast 2000 7".

What Happens Next? - Banner-sized politics



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