The Queers / Live In West Hollywood [QUERH65800-CD00]

The Queers / Live In West Hollywood [QUERH65800-CD00]

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2000年にウエスト・ハリウッドのThe Troubadourで行われた行われたショーを収録!!
Tommy James and the Shondellsの「Mirage」、Angry Samoansの「My Old Man's a Fatso」、Mr. T Experienceの「I Will Be With You」、Ramonesの「Kill That Girl」をカバー!!

リリース: 2001
レーベル: Hopeless Records

01. We'd Have Arrived Doing Heroine
02. This Place Sucks
03. Tulu Is A Wimp
04. I Want Cunt
05. Monster Zero
06. You're Tripping
07. I Live This Life
08. Tamara's A Punk
09. Mirage (Tommy And The Shondels)
10. No Tit
11. Blabbermouth
12. I Can't Stand You (Ronnie Parasite)
13. Hi Mom, It's Me
14. Granola Head
15. Noodlebrain
16. My Old Man's a Fatso (Angry Samoan)
17. Fuck You
18. I'm Not A Mongo Anymore
19. I Will Be With You (Mr. T X)
20. Kill That Girl (Ramones)
21. Kicked Out Of The Webloes
22. I Hate Everything
23. Teenage Bonehead
24. Love Love Love
25. Another Girl (Les Hernandez)
26. I Only Drink Bud
27. Punk Rock Girls
28. Ursula Finally Has Tits
29. I Like Young Girls
30. Nothing To Do
31. Fuck The World

The Queers - Kicked Out of the Webelos

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